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May Day

May Day 2022, 2023 and 2024

May 1 each year is celebrated as “May Day” or “Workers Day”. Bangladesh is one of only a handful of non-socialist countries that have May Day as a national public holiday.

20221 MaySunMay Day
20231 MayMonMay Day
20241 MayWedMay Day
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The government, including the president and labour secretary, send out “good will messages” to the country’s workers every May Day. And there are also special gatherings where the history of May Day is remembered.

On May Day, you will also see colourful workers parades, and the emphasis will be on the progress achieved over the past year as to workers’ rights rather than on the still-continuing shortcomings.

However, there have also sometimes been angry street protests, such as the 2014 rally that happened following a major textile factory disaster in Dhaka. It called for compensation for victims and their families and for improved work place safety.

Previous Years

20211 MaySatMay Day
20201 MayFriMay Day
20191 MayWedMay Day
20181 MayTueMay Day
20171 MayMonMay Day