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Shuba Janmashtami

Shuba Janmashtami 2024, 2025 and 2026

Shuba Janmashtami, also called “Krishna Janmashtami”, is a public holiday in Bangladesh. It is a Hindu religious festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, believed to be the eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu.

202426 AugMonShuba Janmashtami
202516 AugSatShuba Janmashtami
20264 SepFriShuba Janmashtami
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The date of Janmashtami is based on the Hindu calendar, which uses a combination of solar and lunar data as a basis. On the Gregorian Calendar, the date will generally fall sometime in August or early September.

Despite most Bangladeshis being Muslim, this Hindu holiday is on the public holiday roster. During Shuba Janmashtami, many attend or take part in dramatic dances that re-enact events from the life of Krishna. Others sing songs on the holiday’s themes until midnight, the time when Krishna is thought to have been born. And many will fast but then attend a colourful, boisterous festival next day.

A special parade begins at the Temple of Dhakeshwari in the town of Dhaka and moves through the older parts of the city. This procession took place each year from 1902 to 1948, but was ended when Bangladesh first came under Muslim rule. It was started up again, however, in 1989.

Previous Years

20236 SepWedShuba Janmashtami
202219 AugFriShuba Janmashtami
202130 AugMonShuba Janmashtami
202011 AugTueShuba Janmashtami
201923 AugFriShuba Janmashtami
20182 SepSunShuba Janmashtami
201714 AugMonShuba Janmashtami